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Marcin Krasnowolski Polish Fixer

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If the manufacture of photos, films or other projects is to be good – a specialist must take care of it. If your program or shoot needs great quality production services – it is my specialty. Marcin Krasnowolski – very experienced producer and fixer is aware how it is done. My big knowledge and industry contacts bring production to a bigger standard – there is no place formediocre. Besides it – if you need a polish fixer with hobby and rapture – that’s me! If you chooose my team, you choose excellent communication in English and high possibilities. We like challenges! Interviews, articles, films and any other projects – we put our heart into every production. If you are interested in yhis thing and are looking for more information – please contact us now. It’s for sure – a big triumph is near! You must check it by sefl. You must be sure, that’s worth it!


Marcin Krasnowolski Polish Fixer
ul. Rozrywka 20/53, 31-419 Kraków