Why Nurse Practitioners are So High in Demand in Ireland?

In an Irish hospital setting, Nurse Practitioners can alleviate the need for doctors to spend long periods of time making rounds and checking on patients during recovery. They work very closely with attending physicians in a hospital to understand what course of treatment the doctor prefers, and can evaluate the progress that a patient is making during their hospital stay. They can also determine if there is a problem along the way and make the necessary calls on immediate treatment when the doctor is not available.

The most rewarding part of becoming an NP is that they are licensed and qualified to make their own decisions on a course of treatment for patients. While they may work in a team with doctors, they can use their own judgment in determining a diagnosis, and many doctors rely heavily on their expertise to help offset the workload, or just as another opinion. The practice scope of a nurse practitioner varies. 

For a qualified nurse practitioner in Ireland, jobs are in abundance with a very low unemployment rate. They can also choose which area of healthcare they would like to focus on, as there is a shortage of NPs in hospitals, private practices, clinics, and adult care centres. Even childcare facilities and schools require a licensed professional to treat minor injuries and dispense medications. So the field is wide open for these professionals, and they can find a rewarding career wherever they choose to go. Have a look on the Advanced Practice Nursing Standards and Requirements.


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