What do Hospitals want when they are hiring an Orthopaedic Nurse?

Hospitals want orthopaedic nurses to be proficient at many things. Other than the skills necessary to be competent at tasks in the operating room, hospitals really look for evidence of the following 4 traits when they hire orthopaedic nurses:

Completes tasks in accordance with Hospital’s philosophy, practices, procedures

Performs all duties and responsibilities according to the philosophy and standards of Beacon Hospital: could be patient care priority, performance improvement initiatives, courtesy and respect and enthusiasm with staff, patients, med staff, visitors

Be aware of all hospital policies and procedures and be actively involved in the preparation and implementation of policies and collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that these are observed

Works in harmony with surgeons

An orthopaedic nurse neeeds to be able to collaborate with surgeons in the coordination of patient care. Being able to describe times when you have worked in harmony with the surgical team will put you in good stead in the interview process.

Provides pre and post-op services to patients

Being great in the surgical unit is one thing, and providing exquisite care throughout the process from pre-op to post-op is another. Hospitals want their orthopaedic nurses to perform all their tasks effectively including coordinating and communicating patient information while maintaining confidentiality and privacy


This is an essential part of working in a hospital in any position. You have to know which tasks are of highest importance and which are of less importance as well as identifying how much time can be assigned to completing these duties. Furthermore, they must do this while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail in work. This is not easy in any line of work especially in a hospital!

Hospitals are dying to hire orthopaedic nurses that can show a lot of evidence of having these traits. If you can manage your work effectively to work on the most important and timely first, if you can work seamlessly with the surgical team, and if you can embody the ethos of the hospital and provide care to their standards, then have a look on the latest job listings.

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