The 12 Days of Nurse Job Hunting!

With a 10 days to go until Christmas and if starting the New Year with a New Nurse Job is what you are after then take these twelve days of Nurse Job Career Goals steps to help you get prepared for your New Year New Nursing Career path.

So what is the first step when looking for jobs in nursing?

Day 1: Am I ready for a new Career Move? Are you ready to move from your current Nurse Job? This will mean a new location, new nursing colleagues as well as a new boss. If the answer is yes then don’t hesitate to start looking at jobs in nursing in your area that could be suited to you.

Day 2: Ask yourself am I looking for nursing jobs in Ireland or do I want to travel? There are plenty of jobs in nursing for nurses throughout Ireland depending on which area you specialise in or what your career goals are. The Nursing Home sector has plenty of jobs in nursing.  This sector is going to grow by 10,000 nurse jobs over the next ten years. If you have got itchy feet and want to travel check out our Nurses Working Overseas page.

Day 3: Is my CV ready to send out? Is your CV up-to-date? Have you got all of your latest training and experience from your current nurse job? If you are unsure of where to start with your CV, send it into us at Nurse Jobs Ireland. Our consultants can help profile your CV and make sure it is perfect before sending it out. Remember when searching for nursing jobs in Ireland you should match your CV to the nurse job you are applying for to reflect what the employer is looking for.

Day 4: Do some Research. Take a casual look at nursing jobs in Ireland that you might be interested in. Browse job boards, nursing recruitment websites and see what is on offer within the nurse job market.

Day 5: Relax Don’t  stress yourself out, take a day off and unwind.

Day 6:  Decide when you are going to start sending out your CV and how you are going to go about doing it.

A new career path can be an exciting or stressful time for nurses depending on their approach. We can help take the stress out of find jobs in nursing in Ireland. Check out our Nurse Jobs page for our current nursing vacancies.

Keep an eye on our News & Info Page for Part II of The Twelve Days of Nurse Job Hunting.

Day 7:  Review Your CV for the perfect Nurse Job Application:

Remember attention to details Make sure you put your name, contact details, email address at the top along with your ABA Pin number. Make sure you use the same font and type face throughout.

Day 8: Make a few phone calls to Nursing colleagues:  You may have attended Nursing College with a friend who is employed somewhere you would be interested in working. You never know some Nurse Jobs can be filled through a referral scheme or they might be able to put in a good word with the DON or CNM for you.

Day 9: Send your CV out: All this research and making sure your CV is up-to-date needs to reap some benefit. When you are 100% happy with your CV send it out for the nursing  jobs you are interested in. Remember just because you don’t hear back from the nurse job vacancy you applied for straight away, that does not mean they are not interested. The recruitment process can be very slow so be patient. (No pun intended)

Day 10: If there is a particular nurse job you are really interested in, a quick phone call to the HR Department or the Nurse in Charge to get some information on the time scale of interviews. At least this way you will not get your hopes up and you can concentrate on sourcing a new nursing job.

Day 11: Retail Therapy, you want to look best for your nurse job interview so treat yourself to a new outfit. If you feel like you look good then this will do wonders for your confidence. Then in turn this will shine through in your nurse job interview. So it is an investment in the long run

Day 12: Day 10: Get prepared for your Nursing Job Interview  Usually, nursing interviews take place in front of a panel or with an individual and the candidate will be asked a series of questions exploring their skills, qualifications and experience. Make sure you have your answers prepared and remember to relate them to the nursing job you have applied for if possible.


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