The Nursing Resume: Make a Statement When Applying for a Job

As your nursing career evolves — through different specialties, roles, skills, and achievements — so should your resume. A strong resume tells the story of your path through the profession and showcases what you’ve learned and accomplished along the way. Each nursing job you apply for is unique. Make sure your resume matches the particulars of each job. Target your

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Irish Visa & Work Permits for Nurses – What do you need to work in Ireland as a Nurse?

Working in Ireland can be a very rewarding experience. However for first time Nurses arriving in Ireland, it is best to be aware of the Irish Visa and Work Permit requirements before travelling. Visas/Work Permits Citizens of certain countries need a visa in order to come to Ireland. You may apply for an Irish visa at your nearest Irish Embassy

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Inexpensive Ways to De-stress

People deal with stress in different ways. But as nurses, you probably feel more stress and heightened anxiety because of your work and worrying about your friends and family. What you’re going through is normal. However, as you already know, chronic stress won’t do anything good for your health. To help ease your anxiety and worries, take a few minutes

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