Nursing Team Building Ideas

The nursing working environment can be a busy place so it can be hard to incorporate team building events into the hectic work day and no one wants to hang around after their shift to bond with their co-workers. So why not incorporate the initiatives into every day events like breakfast/lunch.

1.  Smoothie duty

Morning rituals and time restrictions can make it hard to keep up a healthy diet. Introducing smoothie duty for one morning a week can help co-workers get close while promoting a healthy diet at the same time. Set up a roster that allocates a different person every morning to make a jug of smoothie for the team. Different flavours and a sense of gratefulness can really be great conversation starters and create a real bond between the team.

2.  Riddle notice board

Introducing something simple and light hearted to the work environment can be a great way to build team relationships. Take it in turns on the team to put up a new riddle every week and give everyone the chance to write there answer on the sheet, announcing the answer and winner at the end of the week. This is a great conversation starter in the lunch room.

3.  Promoting Carpooling

In relation to the nursing profession, late hours etc. can usually mean that most nurses live in the vicinity of the hospital and possibly in similar areas. Promoting carpooling can be a great way for team members to build up a relationship.  Having that chat about the difficult co-worker or patient in the car on the way home can make all the difference to someone’s day.

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