Are You Moving to Ireland to Work as a Nurse?

Ireland is in the midst of a nursing shortage, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for International Nurses to find work here in a variety of areas. As an internationally trained nurse, there are a few steps you can take in order to make the process as simple and quick as possible.

The first step that I would recommend is to get registered with Nurse Jobs Ireland, where you would outline the nursing areas and location you are interested in. You can also review it to see what jobs are on offer at the moment. Once you do this, one of our Recruitment Consultants will give you a call to discuss options and offer guidance.

The second step (a very important one) is to apply as soon as possible to the Nurses and Midwives Board of Ireland. All nurses operating here need to be registered with the NMBI, and the process can take some time so it is vital to get the ball rolling early on this. You can start the process here. Once the initial application is made, a full application pack will be sent to you.

With the assistance of our Recruitment Consultants, you will be put in contact with a facility looking to hire nursing staff. If you are not EU trained, we can at that point discuss the type of Work Permit or Visa you will need in order to work here. In many cases, a Critical Skills Work Permit can be secured in cooperation with a hiring client – owing to the nursing shortage in Ireland at the moment.

Taking the decision to come to Ireland is a big step – but it needn’t be a complicated or stressful one.

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  1. Onaga nzube

    I’m interested in migrating to Ireland to work as a nurse


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