Little Known Tips All New Nurses Need to Know

NOW THAT YOU’VE FINALLY GOTTEN YOUR FIRST JOB AS A NEW NURSE, you’re probably feeling new pressure. Being a nurse is by no means an easy profession, but you can do it! To jump-start your career as a new nurse, apply these 15 little known tips all new nurses need to know!

Get The Most Out Of Your Mentor

Mentoring is a two-way street, get the most out of this valuable relationship. Here are our tips:

  • Be a good mentee by asking questions, taking notes, practising what you’ve learned, respecting time and space and always saying thank you.
  • Establish goals and expectations by writing your objectives down and sharing them with your mentor.
  • Find the best method of communication for both of you not everyone is a texter!
  • Learn from your nursing mentor, but don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t seem right you might be right!
  • Connect outside of the hospital if you want to by grabbing a coffee, going for a walk, or meeting somewhere new!

Observe The Experts

In the ever-changing field of nursing, there is an endless amount of knowledge you can take in. Don’t graduate from nursing school with the mentality that you’ll never be a student again. Observe the experienced nurses and doctors around you. Implement their advice, reminders and mannerisms whenever you can.

Expect The Worst but Hold Integrity

You can never know what to expect in your line of work. Expect the worse whenever you can without turning into a Negative Nancy. Just be prepared for bad things to happen so that you aren’t caught off guard. Keep your integrity by being honest with yourself and those around you but know that upsetting things will happen

Ask questions and ask for help

While it may not appear this way all nurses were in your unproven position at the start of their career. They’ve all been there, and if they are kind and understanding, they will want to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you may feel are silly the line of work you are has no room for silly questions they don’t exist! So ask away! If another nurse offers to take a patient from you because they can tell you need some help, let him or her but learn from what they are doing!

Bond with your new team

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to try and be best friends with everyone you meet, or even that you have to be friends with your nurse pals outside of work, but approach your co-workers like friends. You’ll feel a sense of family within your unit, you’ll be willing to ask for more help when you need it and you’ll generally feel more valuable. If you can, make the extra effort on befriending unit managers, as they are often the most knowledgeable and experienced nurses in the unit.

Understand when you need to re-charge

Don’t be that nurse who never needs a break during your first year as a nurse. Everyone needs a break! Accept the break and give yourself 15 minutes to recharge. While this may seem like a wasted 15, a bit of R&R will result in improved efficiency throughout the day. In addition – the things on your to do list can wait 5 minutes while you use the restroom!

Know nursing etiquette

Nurses require professional etiquette. There are several things you can focus on to maintain this basic politeness.

  • Have a firm, quality handshake
  • Don’t gossip have on track conversations
  • Include a signature block on all emails
  • Place a name tag on the right side of your chest

Be prepared when asking for the doctor

Make this interaction as smooth and quick as possible. Before you call in a doctor make a list of things you need to mention. Have you pen, paper and patient charts handy and be ready to take notes. Write down the instructions given so that you can refer to them when you forget that’s inevitable!

Invest in continuing education when you can

As a nurse, you can always be a student by learning more. Investing in continuing education will allow you to move up the ladder sooner than later. Find a unit you would like to work for, and engross yourself in education. You can take local or online courses specific to the unit you desire. In addition, stay up to date with your certifications and always look for knowledge outside of the hospital.

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