Is Midwifery for You?

Many people assume that midwifery is all about the birth of a child, but while this is obviously the most exciting part, the role of the midwife is much more extensive. It starts after the pregnancy has been confirmed and continues until around 10 days after the birth, sometimes longer. Midwife nurses have a supporting and caring role, not just for the pregnant woman, but her family too, especially her partner. After the birth, the midwife nurse’s job is to helps to care both for the new baby or babies and the mother. This can involve helping the mum to breastfeed, monitoring her health and tending to any injuries caused during the birth, and monitoring the baby’s vital signs. It could involve looking after premature babies in incubators.

What are the important midwifery skills in nursing?

A midwife nurse will need patience for this job, a caring approach, a good sense of humour (and the skill of knowing when humour really is not appropriate!) and the ability to relate to all sorts of people without making judgements. A thick skin may also be needed at times of stress within this nursing job. Communication is a key part of midwife nurses job along with skill and can range from placating worried new patients or keeping a woman in labour as calm and as focused as possible. Not to mention reassuring their birthing partner.

You must also know why you want to pursue midwifery as your chosen nursing job?

Midwifery is an important skill that will always be required within the nursing profession and it means you will be employable for nursing jobs all around the country, and will be in a good position to get work overseas. You will be there at the most important time in a person’s life and while the baby will not remember you, the proud parents certainly will! There is the nursing job for a wide range of working environments from home visiting and home birthing to working in a busy delivery ward, or premature baby unit.

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