How to Start a Healthy Eating and Exercise Plan in Addiction Recovery

Recovery isn’t just about stopping the substances that have been controlling your life; it’s also about rebuilding a healthy system. Maintaining a steady recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction means you must pay attention to your emotional, mental, and physical health; this includes your exercise plan and nutritional intake. Use this information on exercise and healthy eating to boost your recovery from addiction and build a new, vibrant and healthy life.

In fact, several studies show that adding a physical element to your treatment plan significantly aids in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Just as there are many kinds of addictions, there are also many kinds of exercises — with extraordinary benefits.

  • Bulk up that brain chemistry
  • Release the stress
  • Build optimism along with muscles
  • Feel the Zen with the burn

In addition, regular exercise leads to improved sleep, enhanced energy, and an overall sense of well-

being, but exercise alone is not enough. You need to pair this hard physical work with inner work, and 

that means putting highly nutritious food into your body.
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