How Do You Keep Fit on Top of Your Nursing Job?

An article I seen online recently said that Nurses and Doctors may be asked to slim down in order to set good examples to patients. Yet many Nurses and any shift workers find it hard to maintain a healthy life-work balance. Even here in the office it can be too tempting to avoid the cake and biscuits in the afternoon.

One idea which could prove to be popular is providing healthy food options in the staff canteen and providing access to gym facilities. A standard Nurse Job includes 12 hour shifts and rotating night shifts which can leave your body clock in a time warp and craving sugar in the early hours of the morning.

Nurse Jobs Ireland decided to put together 3 Proactive health tips to help you to avoid piling on the pounds.

Cycle or Walk to your Nurse Job- Just do it, ditch the car and start pounding the pavement. The summer is the perfect opportunity to get out and about. Cycling can be faster than the car at times due to traffic jams. Check and see if your employer participates in the Bike2Work scheme and get your bike and accessories sorted with huge discounts. Nurses stop the excuses and start your regime.

Don’t starve yourself during the nurse job shift, make sure you have HEALTHY snacks on hand for when your cravings kick in. Nuts are a good way to fill up or swap dried fruit for those nurses who have a sweet tooth. Instead of depriving yourself substitute your snacks with a healthy alternative.

Swap your coffee for Matcha- Apparently it has 137 times the amount of antioxidants of green tea and helps you to lose weight? Sure what’s not to love? Unlike coffee which can perk you up and make you crash as quickly Matcha helps keep you on a consistent buzz for up to 5 hours.

Hopefully these quick Nurse Job tips will help to improve your lifestyle. If you have any Nurse Job Health Tips send them into us at or email

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