Healthy Ways Nurses Can Relax

We all know that nurses have a highly stressful job. Being a nurse is comes with great responsibility. But, just like anyone else – even nurses have to take care of themselves. It is the rational thing to do – in the end, they take care of people every day – so they should consider taking care of themselves! This topic is something that we are going to explore in the following article.

Stressing just isn’t that good 

Of course, there are many mechanisms our bodies have created to enable survival – but not every kind of stress is good for our health. And the stress we feel at our jobs, and other everyday pressures we put up with – they aren’t really all that good. This kinds of pressures aren’t good at all actually. And every nurse should do everything in their power to prevent getting under it. But how to do it?


Ireland has beautiful nature and wildlife. Just being outside of your apartment or your hotel room will make you feel so much better. So go out! Have a blast! Go for a walk or for a run. Explore the wildlife and natural treasures. Enjoy the fresh air and green grass. Because – grass is greener in Ireland. Pass over the old rock bridges, and let It go. Every negative feeling, thought, and worry. Just forget about it all and enjoy the sights.

You don’t have to do this all by yourself. Ask your friends to join you. You can go together and hike. Or if you prefer – you can ride a bike. Whatever makes you feel good. There is a number of fun activities you can do together – so make sure you explore them together.

Know your body 

You are the only one who truly knows what works for you. We can give you thousands of tips – but not every one of them works on everyone. So – try out different things. Get out of your comfort zone. Be a little crazy. Be a child for once. Don’t think negative thoughts. Just shut it down and enjoy your time.

Focus on the present moment 

Everything comes from you and your decisions. If you don’t give yourself some space – you won’t be happy with the end result. Stop for a second. Take a break.

Think about your breathing. Do everything you normally say your patients to do. Listen to your own advice. We all know how stressful it can get when you work as a nurse. It comes with the job. But everyone needs to take some time for themselves. So – be your own patient.

Do the things that you love. Be with people who make you happy.


Being a nurse isn’t easy. It is quite hard actually. And stressful. But, like any other person – nurses have to have some fun and relax from time to time. And if you are in Ireland at the moment – you have many opportunities. Just look around. Give it a try. Try everything. You will enjoy Ireland’s culture, food, mentality, peace and positive vibe.

Visiting Ireland made you think about moving there? 

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By Guest Blogger – Betty White from Moving Offices

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