Dear Rotunda Baby!

You won’t remember me but back in 1981 I helped bring you into the world.  You see, I was a student midwife learning how to deliver babies and you were my very first.  I’ve never forgotten witnessing your first breath.

Seeing you come into the world was the most magical experience I’d ever had. I talked about it for days and days to anyone who would listen.  I remember nervously washing and dressing you and then placing you in your mother’s arms.  You were a little boy, by the way and in lots of ways I was only a child myself.

For a young 21-year-old it was a pretty amazing experience.  I’d love you to know that your little new born self was already making your presence felt and yes; even making a difference.   For me, being allowed to witness, and be a part of your coming into the world, was, and still is high on my list of life’s experiences.

I found my old notes from those days recently and it really made me wonder where you are now.  The memories of your little self-came rushing back.

Has life been good to you, I really hope it has. You would be around 37 or so now.  Where are you I wonder?  I’d love to have given you words of advice about life back then, but sure the 21 year old me was only finding her way herself.

Carefree days living in the nurse’s home at the top of O Connell Street, working, sleeping, and heading to Conway’s pub after a hard day’s work was the sum total of my world then!  My wishes would probably have been for money, cars, holidays, lots of craic and all the fun stuff

So, now the older me knows that it’s never too late to send good wishes so here goes. Here are my simple wishes and hopes for you.

  • I wish you lots of love, and hope you had and still have it in your life, for yourself and all those around you.
  • I hope you had, and have health, both physical mental and emotional.
  • I hope you had, and have strength to cope with whatever comes your way
  • I hope you had and have the gift of good friends in your life.
  • I wish you curiosity, honesty and realness in every moment and in everything you do.
  • I hope you have lots of laughter and fun every day.
  • I hope you have enough to eat, a warm bed and a home to live in.

And finally, the 21-year-old me is still in here somewhere so added to all of the above I hope you have won the lotto, drive a massive car, live in a mansion, have lots of craic. But if you have all of these, you still know what’s really important in the grand scheme of things…! Now I’m beginning to sound like your mammy!

Who knows, we may have passed each other on the street, or met in some random place. I’m a great believer in synchronicity and the coincidences in time and if it’s to be it will be. Wouldn’t it be just gas if that happened?

With love.


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