Nursing Team Building Ideas

The nursing working environment can be a busy place so it can be hard to incorporate team building events into the hectic work day and no one wants to hang around after their shift to bond with their co-workers. So why not incorporate the initiatives into every day events like breakfast/lunch. 1.  Smoothie duty Morning rituals and time restrictions can

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5 Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

t’s World Kindness Day today and we know how kind and selfless nurses are during every shift that they do. Some words associated with nurses working in Ireland include generous, caring, selfless, compassionate, empathetic, person-centred and making a difference for those in need of healthcare in Ireland. As nurses in Ireland are so amazing, lets look at 5 simple acts

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Dear Rotunda Baby!

You won’t remember me but back in 1981 I helped bring you into the world.  You see, I was a student midwife learning how to deliver babies and you were my very first.  I’ve never forgotten witnessing your first breath. Seeing you come into the world was the most magical experience I’d ever had. I talked about it for days

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