5 Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

t’s World Kindness Day today and we know how kind and selfless nurses are during every shift that they do. Some words associated with nurses working in Ireland include generous, caring, selfless, compassionate, empathetic, person-centred and making a difference for those in need of healthcare in Ireland.

As nurses in Ireland are so amazing, lets look at 5 simple acts of kindness that will brighten up a nurses day:

  1. Leave a comment on the Nurse Jobs Ireland ebook. The team here at Nurse Jobs Ireland love to #CelebrateNurses throughout the year and we never stop. One ofthe great ways we show appreciation is by creating an ebook that gives everyone the opportunity to thank a nurse by writing a positive message on our website website. These ebooks are shared with nurses around the country and they have certainly brightened their day!
  2. Offer a nurse your seat when you see them on public transport. They may be on route to begin a busy nursing shift or exhausted after completing one. Yes, you have been working too but someday you might need this nurse and your act of kindness can make a difference.
  3. Shout a nurse a tea or coffee next time you see them – just don’t shout at them! It really is the small things that can brighten someone’s day.
  4. Send a “Thank You” card or a note. Everyone loves to know that their work is appreciated and this is a very kind and meaningful way to express your gratitude for how they have helped you, your family and friends.
  5. Give a glowing recommendation to a nurse’s manager. In Ireland, we tend to be quick to give out and complain while sometimes forgetting to give well deserved praise. Next time a nurse does a great job; shout it from the rooftops (yes, you can shout for this one!). Hospital management shouldhear about the great job that their nurses are doing.

Remember, being good to people doesn’t have to cost any money. A lot of times just knowing that someone thought of you is enough to brighten their day and make them feel appreciated. Start sharing the kindnsss today.

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